Jeffrey Larsen is a food stylist, recipe developer, product developer, pastry chef and cooking instructor. Jeffrey has worked on a number of cookbooks and cooking magazines. His most recent achievements are acting as food stylist for Rebecca Katz' beautiful book, Clean Soups as well as Bread, Toast, Crumb by Alexandra Stafford of Alexandra's Kitchen. Jeffrey has just started a big project with Looly's. He will be developing new recipes for a new product launch and he also will act as the food stylist for those new products. Jeffrey has also developed recipes and products for the Nutiva brand, Hampton Creek and Hidden Valley Ranch. His food styling work can be seen regularly in Sunset Magazine.

His allergen free journey started when he began developing recipes for his dairy and gluten intolerant mother twelve years ago. His mother lives in Montana and she had absolutely no support and no information when she received her diagnosis. In helping his mother, Jeffrey gave himself a head start when he discovered that he is also gluten and dairy intolerant.

In addition to teaching, Jeffrey now consults with individuals and businesses on developing menus, developing gluten free products and creating allergen free kitchens.

"I find tremendous reward in helping others come to the understanding that there is no need to live without the foods we enjoy."

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